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February 2023

The Lanivet Pandas Netball Club has adopted a set of Mandatory and Enforceable Codes of Conduct for all players, coaches, parents and spectators to ensure that they behave and promote the best possible environment.

All players, coaches and officials, parents, supporters and committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the Lanivet Pandas Netball Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with these values and those outlined in the following codes of conduct and to respect the office of Chair.

The Code of Conduct includes Lanivet Pandas Netball Club, training sessions, games and events. And any person wearing Lanivet Pandas Netball Club garments and uniforms in public and any persons speaking publicly on behalf of the club.


• Play by the rules – the rules of The Lanivet Pandas Netball Club and the England Netball laws.

• Never argue with an umpire or other official – without these people you can’t play netball.

• Lanivet Pandas Netball Club is based on friendship so play kindly and encourage your fellow players.

• Control your temper-verbal abuse of officials - sledging other players doesn’t help you enjoy/win games.

• Be a team player – it’s a team game, treat it that way. Treat all players as you would like to be treated.

• Co-operate with your coach, umpires and team-mates.

• Play for enjoyment and to improve your skills.

• Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – or you’ll let everyone down.



The Code of Conduct state the values and standards expected at all times by The Lanivet Pandas Netball Club. In addition to these, when in my capacity as a coach, I will also:

*Be a positive role model for netball by acting in a way that projects a positive image of my role within netball and being fair, considerate and honest with participants, officials and volunteers.

*Display high standards in my language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation to ensure that all time spent with me by participants or colleagues is a positive experience.

*Exercise reasonable care and skill when carrying out my duties, including but not limited to keeping up to date with the latest practices and developments by taking up further education and other personal and professional development opportunities.

*Be consistent, independent and demonstrate complete impartiality through exercising reasonable care and skill to enforce the rules of the game by applying them fairly and to effect control of the game. And have awareness of the Lanivet Pandas Netball Club’s Back to netball wide range in age, fitness and ability and safeguard all players.

*As a coach, seek to inspire and motivate in accordance with an individual’s abilities to enable them to play to the best of their ability and realise their potential. Make the sessions fun and friendly for all abilities and ages.

*As a coach, provide athletes with planned and structured training programmes appropriate to their abilities and goals by ensuring that equal attention and opportunities are available to all, including those requiring a modified plan due to sickness, injury, age and fitness.

*Be mentally and physically fit to carry out my role within netball.

*Ensure that the training and/or competition environment is safe and appropriate for the age, physical and emotional maturity, experience and ability of the athletes with particular reference to Back to Netball groups where the age span, ability and personal fitness is wide-ranging.

*Ensure that I follow instructions and comply with all health and safety regulations that apply to the role I am undertaking.

* Listen to and respect the views of others at all times and when planning and delivering coaching/pay and play sessions for The Lanivet Pandas Netball Club Back to Netball sessions. Consider the safeguarding, wellness of the Back to Netball Players at all times and the fun element/match play required to maintain their interest.

*Respect the office of Chair

• Be a team player – it’s a team game, treat it that way. Treat all players, volunteers, fellow coaches as you would like to be treated.

• Co-operate with your Chair, umpires and team-mates.

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