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The Lanivet One for All Landscape team join community groups from across the country in celebrating the latest round of National Lottery funding awards.

A recent £9,600 grant to purchase equipment has made a huge difference to the team’s work as selfless volunteers maintaining and landscaping the grounds around the Lanivet Community Hall - the whole community salute you for your commitment and dedication.

Let’s hear from some of our team members:

Derek May, Lanivet : Grass cutting and strimming.

Volunteer for 4 years. The grant enabled the purchase of a 4-wheel drive ride on mower with pivot steering.

"The ride-on mower has made my life volunteering so much easier. Now I'm enjoying cutting and strimming the grass rather than seeing it as an endurance walking behind and pushing the old mower.

"It's renewed my enthusiasm and energy to keep volunteering with this team. I'm proud to help maintain the grass to a high standard for the whole community to enjoy. This new mower can turn on its’ own length and where before the strimming was a back breaking chore it's now a pleasure and I go home with a smile on my face rather than with aching bones."


David Williams, Lanivet: "I've been volunteering for the past two years as part of the One for All Landscape team and my job is to keep on top of the pruning. I'm really delighted to see Derek smiling away cutting the grass on his new machine. I could see he was getting worn out pushing the old mower and having this new equipment is making all the difference!"

Chief co-ordinator and grass cutter: Dave Carter, Lanivet: "We are very aware of our environment and looking to the future in conserving our planet. We’re delighted that this lottery grant has enabled the purchase of an electric mower. It's so easy to use. Put in the battery, press start and its’ pollution free. We have a six-acre site here and couldn't manage without up-to-date reliable machinery. Our new acquisitions are already making a big difference to our volunteers who can now see a long-term future in continuing with the work.

"Keeping our site tidy and smart has the off-shoot effect of keeping it clean, tidy and rubbish free. We're in the final stages of purchasing extra land and being equipped with the machinery to maintain and landscape an increased area is key to opening these spaces up for the whole community to enjoy."

Keith and Nicki Stickland, Lanivet: "We oversee and develop the wildflower areas around the site and our latest project is to turn the bank adjacent to the hall into a sea of flowers. We volunteer as we enjoy sharing in the pride and satisfaction of creating an area of natural beauty and enjoyment for all ages. I take care of the heavier work while my wife Nicki is my labourer. We're called the unsung heroes because a lot of our work takes months or even years to come to fruition. It's a relief watching the rest of the crew making use of the new equipment which has made their jobs a lot easier in the physical sense as none of us are getting any younger!"

Dave Carter's right-hand man - Richard Gibbons, Lanivet: "We rely totally on volunteers and any equipment which makes their lives easier in helping to maintain our ever-developing site is essential to the landscaping you see here now. Everyone remarks on the brilliant job this team do in keeping the site a pleasure to walk around and enjoy. I'm delighted to play my part and will turn my hand to anything required especially for our inspirational leader Dave Carter who deserves every bit of backing whether from his team, our village and of course this lottery funding making the life of our small team longer and happier in having the continued enthusiasm to volunteer."

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The Lanivet One for All Landscape Team

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