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Bamboo Shoots starting to fire!

Well, these girls were truly inspirational tonight. Every single one of them played to the last whistle. From the start to the end the fire was always there. We knew tonight would be hard playing top of the league but we gave them a good run for their money. When we played these girls at the start of the season it was 50-17. Tonight ended 48-25 to Helston Hornets but we got within half and got that crucial point! Our little win was an improvement on last time and we won the second quarter Throughout the game - we held our own and our training drills worked! Great interceptions and the Centre court gelled! I am so proud of them all and they all deserve a mention! As captain , I couldn’t be prouder of them tonight. Helston’s POM was our one in a million Niki Our comedy moment of the night was a cracking interception by Sarah-Jane Cornwell - straight to Niki Bellenger then a little bit of football and not netball We had so much fun tonight We go again on the 24th February home to Lastonets

Thankyou for your continued support!

Bryony Coates - Captain

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