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Panda squad landed a 38-23 victory against Lastonets Sky.

It was the 2022 start we wanted for our Panda squad tonight who landed a 38-23 victory against Lastonets Sky on 4th Feb.

Well done to Hannah Steadman for securing the Lastonet's vote as their player of the night while Emily Enterman emerged with the equivalent Panda accolade.

Many thanks to Jackie Walker for umpiring we really appreciate you!! And once again to Jackie Carr and John for scoring and timekeeping.

And thank you to umpire Peter Gribble and the Lastonet's Sky girls for giving us a great match. Good luck for the rest of the season.

And not forgetting our Panda fan club who were fantastic - there is no doubt that every victory is one for the whole #PandaFamily whose support is second to none.

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