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Pandas on the road to Umpire success!

What a final Umpire workshop tonight with our very own Vicki Luck being presented with the Into Officiating award.

Massively proud of Vicki Luck for achieving the standard required assessed by lead umpire Debbie Ashworth and Cornwall umpire mentors tonight at the final umpire workshop at Ben Ainslie.

Also attending these invaluable workshops have been our league umpire Jackie Walker along with trainee Claire Baldock who previously achieved the Into award.

Who would have thought just 12 months ago that we would be so lucky to have Jackie Walker as our umpire plus Claire Baldock and Vicki Luck on the final stages working towards accreditation to officially umpire league matches.

Also a massive thanks to our Panda players for being so supportive and providing the match play required at the workshops.

It was another proud moment when Debbie acknowledged our dedication and willingness and to be presented with a match ball from the Quad series in recognition of our willing commitment to this initiative.

And awesome cupcakes Jackie!

Kathryn Pearn - Chair, Lanivet Netball Club

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