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Pandas V Penzance 4 and drama on court!

On paper the Pandas 35-35 draw with Penzance 4 tonight looked impossible but this team once again showed their character and pure fighting spirit to come away with a result totally against the odds.

Less than ten minutes into the first quarter GA Hannah Steadman was tripped into a crashing fall landing on her arm putting her out of action for the rest of the game.

Having such a small squad The Pandas have always been aware of their nemesis and tonight it happened being left with just the one shooter.

But their heads lifted and this team again produced a performance to be proud of with every member pulling hard - a sheer credit to our club.

Deannah Jayne stepped into GA supporting our superstar shooter Sophie Tucker - and yes the opposition tried to take her out of the game double sandwich marking her for the rest of the night but Sophie rose above the intensity and showed her class.

She was totally incredible scoring all but two of the goals popped in by Deannah Jayne. Her commitment, attitude, determination and pure skills shone like a beacon keeping the Pandas afloat and inspiring our players to keep fighting with their heads up deservedly winning opposition player of the match.

"It was a really tough game playing without my 'wing-woman' tonight," said Sophie. "But Dee stepped up to GA scoring two goals for her debut! Considering the changes, the team dug deep and played so well."

Everyone wearing a Panda dress proved what a fantastic club we have with Sarah Medlin never giving in working so hard leaving everything on court. In fact every player left their soul on that court - no-one more than our GK Megan Hampton so pivotal in our final score-line receiving Sarah's accolade as her player of the night.

What would the result have been with our full shooting team on court? - We will never know and this match could prove critical in our challenge for promotion this season.

But what I do know is that I am incredibly in awe of these girls for representing the Pandas so brilliantly. Whatever happens you are top of the league in my eyes.

Thanks again to John and Jackie Carr for their incredible support - I think everyone was filled with emotion at the final whistle - not a dry eye among us.

And good luck Hannah Steadman at A&E.

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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