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Bamboo Shoots came so close!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Shoots came so close tonight producing an outstanding performance to confirm their potential and finish just five goals behind Falcons 2 at Truro in a tense, exciting match.

Match captain, Bryony Marie led by example fighting until the bitter end in the closest of finishes giving the bench a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we cheered on our team.

The first quarter saw Falcons take a two goal lead 10-8 but the Shoots came back fighting to close the gap to one goal at 18-17 in the second quarter.

Our shooting combination of Bronnie Berryman and Niki Bellenger played at optimum level with both players selflessly passing the ball to make sure they were under the post to score.

It was team with a big T all the way and yes it paid in dividends as we entered the final quarter a goal ahead and with everything to play for.

In the end the fairy story didn't conclude as we hoped with our girls losing energy - but believe you me this is the start of a new journey for this team. They felt the fire in their bellies and a feeling of elation having left every inch on court and coming so close.

Following a new strategy Bryony Marie made the decision to hold the continuity and stay firm with the starting seven - and with the team playing so well it was the right decision. This fighting performance gave the Shoots a huge boost in confidence and self belief.

Tasha Beale received the deserved honour of player of the match selected by Falcons - for 60 minutes Tasha stood firm in defence securing the re-bounds.

This fixture marks a turning point for our Shoots I'm sure of it - and I have so much respect for our seven tonight - Tasha Beale; Bryony Marie; Sarah-Jane Cornwell; Hayley Williams; Jenna Whitehead; Niki Bellenger; Bronnie Berryman.

And full credit to Claire Baldock and Lucy Taylor supporting from the bench that's what teamwork is all about.

Thanks to Julie Emery for scoring and to our umpires Annie Etheridge and Sue Wearne. Big thanks to Falcons for giving us such a competitive game in good spirit.

And to our supporters travelling to Truro cheering in the gallery - it makes all the difference - thanks to Nina Chun and family; Steve Berryman and AC Cornwell.

The Shoots are out again at Ben Ainslie next Tuesday when they take on Steelers so watch this space.

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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