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Bamboo Shoots played their hearts out

Monday night (7/11), the shoots travelled down to Camborne to play Hayle. Every single player , played their hearts out and left everything on to the court!
Niki Bellenger and Bronnie Berryman were on fire in the first quarter giving us the lead of 12-6. There were some fantastic interceptions by Tasha Beale , Sarah-Jane Cornwell and Bryony Marie turning the ball over. Our centre court stood firm doing some cracking 1-2-3 shoot! We kept everything the same going to the 2nd quarter with Hayley Williams and Jenna Whitehead working superbly as WA and C. At half time ,the score was 12-22 to us . Laura Ann Risdon came on as GA and Niki moved to GK. The third quarter was our best - our nerves were settled and a lovely set play from defence back line all the way to score a goal. Today was our fairy tale ending We won 39-27! I am beyond proud of these girls. We have worked so hard and today we got that win! Bronnie was Hayles POM We go again with a friendly against Steelers tomorrow to practise further! From the shoots - Thankyou all for your continued support!
P.S we had our 8 and Hayle had 11! Fresh legs for them and our fitness improved!
Bryony Coates - Captain

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