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Bamboo Shoots V Bodmin

Well it's a short and sweet report and straight to the point - yes we lost to a young exhuberant Bodmin team and there are no excuses from the Bamboo Shoots but also no negativity.

Behind the scenes there's a lot of work going on with the bigger focus on next season. Tonight gave coach Bryony Marie the chance to test out options in the knowledge that the league positions wouldn't alter following this penultimate match and she is looking to the future in developing her team.

Despite being on the back foot the Bamboo Shoots kept working until the final whistle with fitness again catching them out against a much younger side.

Fitness and stamina is a priority with our coaching team and looking forward to a summer of training there is a lot of excitement among the players who are determined to fulfil their potential.

We're all behind you Shoots as we've seen the hardwork and dedication you've applied this season with full credit to Bryony Marie and Niki Bellenger for building you into a team on and off the court and spearheading your positive plans for next season.

One more match to go and that's a return game with Bodmin 4 on May 3 at the Dragon Centre. Thanks go this evening to our scoring team of John and Jackie Carr; and our fantastic umpire Jackie Walker and all those brilliant supporters who came to fly the Panda flag.

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