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Panda's pull through despite being under par

When the going gets tough, the Pandas got going tonight winning their match with CSM 3 despite several of their squad injured or poorly.

What an inspiration Sarah Medlin was tonight battling with painful injury but fighting with strength of character recognised by the visiting team as CSM's player of the match.

In fact all our girls gritted their teeth - giving up was no option despite many of our players feeling well under par.

They went down 8-12 in the first quarter but losing is no option for the Pandas who pushed their way back and despite not feeling on top of their game fighting and fighting to eventually win 43-39 holding on to the bitter end.

A flurry of vital interceptions from Megan Hampton kept the ball in our hands at crucial moments and Emily Enterman played her Panda socks off.

It was a great performance from all our players under pressure - CSM's young team weren't going to giv

e in until the final whistle.

If our Pandas can win under par then I can't wait to see them perform with a full fit squad feeling full of zip.

Thanks to Bryony Marie for all your support tonight it means a lot - plus to Jackie Carr and John for scoring and timing and of course our fantastic umpire Jackie Walker.

And thanks to CSM for battling all the way.

A massive shout out to the Panda fan club - I just love you all and the diversity of those cheering us on is amazing - the mini-pandas, the Shoots, Strollers, family and friends.

Another great match having everyone on the edge of their seats.

The Pandas are in action again on Tuesday at Richard Lander School, Truro to St Agnes 3 and again at home on Friday against Falmouth.

Watching the Pandas and the Shoots gives me immense pride in our club especially when I look up and see all the support in the gallery - thank you all.

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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