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Panda spirit still holding strong

Tonight's 50-35 victory for the Pandas over Penzance 5 at home encapsulated everything that is so good and special about our club.

We witnessed strength of character, determination and above all friends fighting for one another on court and from the bench.

This team are so full of spirit - when the chips are firmly down they never give up rising like a Panda phoenix from the ashes.

Tonight was a prime example of how these girls pull together against the odds.

Penzance went out strong taking us off guard snatching a 13-6 lead in the opening quarter - their GS recording a 100% strike tally clearly on song and posing a dangerous threat. - yes we were worried.

But our girls are not quitters - three minutes of inspiration from coach Sarah Medlin and captain Hannah Steadman in the break and the fight back began.

The second quarter showed just how badly these girls want it coming back finishing one goal adrift and with a renewed determination to push on and finish the job.

Having played an important role in turning our fortunes around Nina Chun sadly had to pull out due to injury following the second quarter.

But never fear - bring on the Shoots! A brilliant strategic move saw Niki Bellenger switch to GA, Bryony Marie spring off the bench into GK allowing Deannah Jayne back to her favourite WA position.

And what a joy it was watching these girls bring everything to court and seeing Pandas and Shoots combine to bring home a victory for the club.

Every single player on that court played their hearts out. It was a delight watching Deannah Jayne oozing sheer joy and exuberance back to centre court deservedly winning opposition player of the match.

Week after week the consistency and outstanding work rate and interceptions from Emily Enterman has been unbelievable and so it came as no surprise when Sarah Medlin nominated this pocket rocket as her player of the match.

But in truth it was the whole team who shone and a tremendous credit to our club watching players stepping into the breach with such willingness and loyalty to the Panda ethos.

The whole team highlighted what our club is about fighting for friends and the honour of the Pandas.

"Everyone was totally awesome tonight," said coach Sarah Medlin. "We kept fighting and never gave up and I'm so proud of what we achieved."

Tonight wasn't just about the victory it shone a light on our club highlighting the camaraderie and friendship we have for each other.

And finishing off a tremendous evening Sophie Tucker brought this thrilling match to a climax producing a cracking penalty shot from way out to round our score up to 50 on the final whistle.

Thanks again to our umpire Jackie Walker and to John and Jackie Carr for timing and scoring. These three are every part of the Panda team as the players themselves.

And thanks to our supporters in the gallery and to Penzance for giving us a great match and making us fight for every goal.

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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