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Pandas are still top of Division!

The Pandas maintained their 100% record this evening landing a 49-30 win over Lastonets Ocean bringing a fabulous week for the club to a cracking climax.

Their lead increased with every quarter settling into their game play with a strong focus on possession and accurate passing.

Hannah Steadman (captain) and Sarah Medlin (vice captain) were quick to put the emphasis on the whole squad.

"It's the first time this season we've had the advantage of starting with our full line-up," said Hannah. "And it felt so good knowing we could call on fresh legs and look to the support on our bench highlighted when Nina came on giving Dee a rest. "

Sarah Medlin, was quick to agree: "Everyone played their part in this win. Being able to call on all of our players certainly gave us an edge. Hannah and I have discussed this at great length and we both feel it's important to acknowledge that whether on the bench or out on court everyone is equally important to our team effort and again we thank our super-sub Niki Bellenger."

The Pandas have worked hard to develop this team ethos and it's paying off in dividends with some great partnerships shining out.

Our centre court led by Sarah, deservedly Lastonet's player of the match have developed a sixth sense all five of them - Sarah Medlin, Deannah Jayne, Emily Enterman, Nina Chun and Hannah Steadman but let's be honest it's not come by chance. These girls have put hours of work into their game plan.

And my goodness, it was tough in the circle tonight but shooters Hannah and Sophie Tucker have developed a strong bond to cope with every manner of opposition. These two girls give one another confidence and it shows as their strike rate was on point tonight.

Down at the other end of the court, Megan Hampton sprung out of no-where to intercept and snatch the ball and it was so exciting to watch. Again there's a strong partnership between Megan and Ashley Hogg developed over hours of training. And excitingly into the mix tonight we welcomed Stacey Skelton playing her first 15 for the team and clearly enthused and exhilarated at the start of her Panda journey.

Well what a week we've had starting with the Shoots clocking up two consecutive wins and now our third victory for the club tonight.

But why I'm so happy is seeing all our players from both teams supporting one another - Pandas and Shoots - we're all the #PandaFamily and that's the message that's coming across loud and clear.

Once again thanks to our fantastic supporters up in the gallery and to Jackie Carr and John for scoring and timing plus our umpire Jenna Smith who did a great job.

And to Lastonets Ocean for pushing us all the way and to Peter and Lorna Gribble.

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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