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Pandas still winning through

Another match and another challenge for the Pandas tonight but full of pride they kept fighting to score a 39-28 victory over CSM at Penryn.

With regular shooters Sophie Tucker and Hannah Steadman absent it was an incredible performance by this team and without doubt Niki Bellenger played the match of her life scoring goal after goal.

"Niki did exactly what was asked of her tonight," said Hannah. "She held in the circle using her body to position herself and won the majority of the rebounds converting to goals."

Niki Bellenger and Nina Chun received coach Sarah Medlin's player of the match award and on a personal level for me this was something very special.

From the early days of the Pandas nearly five years ago, this duo have been with us and their partnership and friendship showed on court resulting in Nina Chun fielding some great balls into the circle to Niki.

Once again Sarah Medlin secured the opposition player of the match recognised for her incredible work-rate holding the team together and playing such a vital role in this result.

The relationship between Sarah Medlin and Deannah Jayne is something special acting like glue bringing the team together.

Unsung Panda hero Emily Enterman, another player who has been with us since the early days, once again showed her versatility moving positions where needed and shining in her natural ability.

This team deserve every bit of praise with their passion for the Pandas overcoming the odds - true spirit shone by Megan Hampton; Ashley Hogg and Jackie Walker.

Thanks to John and Jackie Carr for their continued support and to CSM for a super game - we hope their injured player recovers well. And thanks to umpires Sue Wearne and Clare Spears.

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