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Social Pandas keep up reputation

Our Social Pandas did the club proud at Brannel tonight not only scoring a convincing 29-10 victory but standing out as the team benefitting from coaching, playing under the whistle at our sessions and having respect for the umpire.

It took all of the first quarter for our team to settle with Brannel going ahead 5-3. This shaky start led to some vital changes going into the second quarter and these were to prove pivotal. It was exciting to see our team going back with a renewed momentum showing off some good set play up the court, steadying their focus and putting Kath Pescod's coaching into practice.

Jackie Carr came on as GS and immediately struck up a great partnership with our GA Kath Pescod. This pair produced some excellent play proving instrumental in the win. Jackie consistently drew the Brannel defence away opening up the space for Kath to command the post taking a 10-7 lead in the second quarter.

It was a turning point for our team - Sharon Mills-george took over the GD slot teaming up with Kye James Smith which saw the pair blocking the Brannel shooters.

Tilly Heathwood returned to WD and immediately made an impact with some great interceptions. It was so rewarding to see this promising player putting her training under coach Kath Pescod into practice and making their hard work pay off when it mattered.

This was a team effort with centre Alec Church always there for the pass and moving the team forward, Erin Adams in WA full of confidence and finding space while Lilian enjoyed a promising debut finishing the match working in harmony as GK to Kye's GD.

Each quarter saw our Social Pandas grow in strength and belief confirmed by their ever increasing scoreline.

In fact, Brannel only scored a total of three goals in the second, third and fourth quarter to our 19.

Captain, Samantha Church was thrilled with this performance and is now looking forward to the challenge against the CSM mixed team on Sunday at Callywith.

"Everyone stood out tonight," she said. "Jackie and Kath worked brilliantly together; Erin is transformed from our last tournament consistently setting our shooters up; Alec was always available; Tilly is coming on in leaps and bounds under Kath's tutelage. And Sharon, being the versatile player she is switched positions finishing in centre to make some amazing passes into the circle. Kye and Lilian ended the match working in harmony in the circle - a little partnership that will blossom.

"I'd like to thank Kath for all her dedication in coaching our players and am so pleased to see her hardwork come to fruition tonight." Thanks to Tiffany Sweet for umpiring so effectively and constructively and to Julie Emery and Helen D'sweet for scoring and timing.

And to Brannel for inviting us to their home court and giving us the opportunity to compete.

p.s. And the new shirts look fantastic!!

Kathryn Pearn - Chair

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